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Lemons ecstatic in post-race media interviews.

Lemons ecstatic in post-race media interviews.


HEADLINE- Tommy Lemons, Jr. turned misfortune into a Martinsville Speedway victory, overcoming a flat tire early in the 200-lap main event to capture his first Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 grandfather clock.


“We’ve always had bad luck. Really, I had wrote our day off. It’s bad to say that, but when you cut a tire 10 laps in…luckily, a caution came out, and it gave us an opportunity,” said an emotional Lemons.

“This is very huge. I told my crew chief last week, we were texting, and I told him thanks for all he does. I do not show my appreciation enough….”




LAP 205- Bassett falters on start, Lemons out front and coasting to the win.

LAP 205 – RESTART: Lemons is on outside of front row, alongside Bassett.

Pulliam expresses his displeasure over McCaskill's move in turn one.

Pulliam expresses his displeasure over McCaskill’s move in turn one.


UNDER RED FLAG: Pulliam expresses displeasure with McCaskill as field rolls past. One by one, Morris, Scites, Falk climb from mangled cars to survey the damage on their respective machines.

LAP 202- McCaskill clears out Pulliam in turn one as the leaders plunge into the corner. The two were on the inside lane, running 1st and 3rd. Scites & Philip Morris collected. Bizarre scene in apex of turn one and two. Morris, Falk, Pulliam and Scites — all Late Model heavyweights, are littering the track as the corner has been transformed into a junkyard.

LAP 200 – GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED: Pulliam/Bassett up front. McCaskill inside row two, Morris outside.

LAP 193- Waltz punted by Bassett entering turn three – CAUTION 9

LAP 193- Pulliam escapes restart to take lead.


10 TO GO CAUTION- Unfortunate to see the mandatory 10-to-Go caution. Bassett came out of nowhere to join the battle for first. Waltz may have peaked. Bassett appears to have the best car, but Pulliam showcased his superb talent during that stint, as fans witnessed some of the best Late Model driving in recent memory at Martinsville. Clean and respectful to this point, it would be shocking to have that type of driving continue.

LAP 190- Pulliam is driving the race of his life, as is Bassett. Unbelievable racing up front.

LAP 188- Bassett bump-and-run on Pulliam in turn one. Side-by-side out of four.

LAP 185- Pulliam can’t slam the door on Bassett. Bassett is relentless down on the bottom of the track. Pulliam is doing good to keep him at bay, and stem the tide of the no. 44.

LAP 184- Pulliam past Waltz, but Bassett is out for Pulliam.

LAP 182- Hold your breath. Times are tense up front. Waltz has been shunned to the outside, Basset pushing Pulliam.

LAP 180- The 44 of Dillon Basset has slipped past McCaskill, and is ALL OVER Pulliam and Waltz for first.

LAP 179- Still two abreast for the lead. Pulliam might have led that lap by an inch.

LAP 176- Battle for first renewed. Side-by-side out of two—Pulliam coming on like gangbusters.

LAP 173- Leaders are in lapped traffic. It’s a two-man show, with McCaskill clinging to the lead pace by a fading margin. He’s in no danger of losing third, however, as Morris is also falling off.

LAP 170- Has Pulliam used up his stuff? Waaltz is getting away, gap stands at 3+ car lengths. Still a LONG way to go.

LAP 165- Largest lead for Waltz since the last restart. It’s 2 1/2 car lengths as top two encounter slower traffic.

LAP 160- Morris has faded to fifth. Lemons has rallied to 11th. Scites back to 12th. Doesn’t look like its going to be a typical Davin Scites type of day. He’s struggling to hang on to what he’s got at this juncture of the contest.

LAP 158- Waltz has fended off Pulliam again; now one car length separation first-to-second.

LAP 157- Pulliam and Waltz again two abreast down backstretch.

LAP 154- Top two have company up front, as McCaskill has erased the margin to the frontrunners. It is now a three car fray for first. Pulliam back on offense in turn one.

LAP 152- Pulliam continues to take his time on Waltz. For the moment, he’s fallen back in line.

LAP 150- Great action up front. Waltz continues to forestall Pulliam, despite Pulliam having the preferred groove down low.

LAP 149- The underdog is still hanging tough; Pulliam working over Waltz hard for the top spot. Side-by-side through one and two, and three and four.

LAP 146- The battle for first begins. Pulliam peering beneath Waltz in the corners. McCaskill is a comfortable third.

LAP 144- Pulliam closing in on Waltz’ back door. To this point, Waltz has impressed. But history suggests he’s a sitting duck against the Pulliam juggernaut.

LAP 139- Front four beginning to get slightly more aggressive as the pressure begins to build. McCaskill all over Pulliam’s rear-end.

LAP 137- McCaskill may have given Pulliam some help down frontstretch on the restart.

LAP 137- RESTART: Pulliam alongside Waltz up front. Morris /McCaskill row two.


LAP 130- Quietly, Scites has climbed into 11th. The status of his car is unknown, but it’s clean, and if he’s saved a lot, these late race cautions could play into his favor.

LAP 124- Frontrunners breathing easy after hair-raising restart. Pulliam and Morris giving chase to Waltz, with McCaskill in tow. This front four appear to be the cream of the crop.

LAP 119- McCaskill sent three-wide in turn one by a Pulliam banzai. Waltz has first, Morris third, McCaskill to fourth.

LAP 119- RESTART: As they run

2) McCaskill

3) Pulliam

5) Morris

12) Lemons


UNDER CAUTION- Promising day ends for Long after the incident with Peters. Long has been relegated to the garage, damage too significant. After playing patience throughout the day, aggressiveness may have prevailed, causing his undoing.

LAP 114- CAUTION 7 – Long and Timothy Peters tangle in turn three. Peters is very unhappy, expressing his displeasure with Long as the two head toward the garage. Crewman beginning to congregate around Long’s machine in backstretch pits. Both drivers running inside top 5 at time of contact.

LAP 114- Long doorslams Pulliam in turn one…

LAP 114- McCaskill still trying to shake Waltz for first.

LAP 111- RESTART – Lemons restarting ~22

UNDER CAUTION- Lemons has a flat left rear, and has come to the attention of his crew. Hayden Woods is also on pit road with rear-end damage, as a frustrating day intensifies.

LAP 108- CAUTION 6 – Several cars involved in a dustup in turn four.

LAP 104- McCaskill slams door on Long in turn one, jolted by a subsequent shot from Long. McCaskill has lead, Waltz pressuring Long for second.


PACE LAPS- Sellers hasn’t made it out of the pits. Crew is pushing the car, and its now accompanied by a wrecker. It appears for the moment that  yet another car has failed Sellers.

5:51– Long will have an opportunity to showcase his capability following the intermission. Was quietly competitive, and more importantly, the car doesn’t have a scratch on it. He’s driven clean since the first green flag of the day.


Sellers has a second-chance, rallying his team to a near top-ten as the second half begins. Tony Keen’s ride hasn’t slowed Sellers down. Rejuvenated, it will be interesting to see how well he performs.


Morris and Pulliam have hung around thus far. Neither appear to have shown their true strength. McCaskill has also been in conservation mode, it appears, and should have something for the latter part of this race.




1) Long

2) McCaskill

6) Pulliam

7) Lemons

9) M0rris

12) Sellers

18) Scites

25) Woods

29) Holdren


35) Finchum

38) Lancaster

37) Reedy




LAP 96- Further up front, McCaskill has been engaged in a battle for 6th with C.E. Falk since the restart. McCaskill seems to have the better piece, but can’t find any room underneath Falk in the corners.

LAP 93- Turn three, Long completes pass on Morris for 8th.

LAP 90- Morris has plummeted after the close racing with Pulliam. Long is giving Morris everything he can handle from the center of the corner-off. Long is looking very racey, and is doing it clean.


2) Lemons

3) Pulliam

7) McCaskill

8) Morris

9) Long


LAP 85- Lemons still applying copious amounts of pressure to Peters.

LAP 81- Morris shunned high out of two, Pulliam inherits third, and now Morris embroiled in white-knuckle racing for 6th.

LAP 80- Two abreast, Pulliam and Morris battling for third.


LAP 73- CAUTION 5 – Car stalled on front stretch.

LAP 71- Lemons has begun the assault on Peters for first. Has the superior machine at this point, and is jockeying around for an avenue around the no. 17.

LAP 68- Scites up to 21st. Sellers, further up, is taking over 15th.

LAP 64- Lemons is closing in on Peters for first. Rather impressive for Lemons. Question is whether or not Peters is saving his stuff, and more importantly, how much saving Lemons is doing at this juncture.

LAP 63- Entire field single-file.

LAP 60- Most mid-pack cars beginning to glide upwards off corners as grip becomes paramount. Believe it or not, race is attracting a green flag feel.

LAP 58- Sellers is on the march, up to 16th place in the “back-up” ride. Undoubtedly the biggest mover of the race thus far.

LAP 54- After door-to-door contact in turn one, Long passes Alex Yontz for 12th.

LAP 51- Pulliam putting the pressure on Morris down frontstretch for 3rd, Morris yields position to Pulliam in turn one.

LAP 49- McCaskill caught in the wrong lane (outside) and is backtracking, to 10th.

LAP 47- Two hard laps of racing for runner-up following restart credits Lemons to second, Morris back to third as Peters is the new frontrunner.


LAP 37- CAUTION 4– Finchum is the cause of the most recent caution period of the race, rendered immobile in the apex of turns three and four. Will need the assistance of a wrecker.

LAP 36- Scites up just one position since restart, to 24th. Woods back to 26th.

LAP 34- McCaskill takes 9th away from Finchum, who continues to plummet without the aid of an opening in the inside lane.

LAP 31- Turn four, Pulliam surpasses Finchum for fifth. Finchum fighting an ill-handling race car at this juncture, and is strapped in the outside line going backwards.

LAP 30- Morris snares lead, Lemons fading in outside lane. Somewhat of a lack-luster restart for Lemons, who has dropped to third.


UNDER CAUTION: As they run:

1) Morris

2) Lemons

5) Finchum

7) Pulliam

10) McCaskill

19) Long

22) Woods

25) Scites



LAP 22- CAUTION 3 – Two car crash in turn four involving Bryan Reedy and Scott Lancaster. Two MMS Limited Sportsman standouts appear bound for the boneyard after this incident.

LAP 20- Three car brake-away up front. Morris / Lemons / Timothy Peters

LAP 16- Near catastrophe as Lemons gets tagged by Finchum in turn two. Chain reaction stack up nearly collected Pulliam and McCaskill, but all drivers continue unscathed. Nice reaction by Lemons.


UNDER CAUTION- Matt Bowling has taken the no. 83 behind the wall, apparently heading for the hauler. Team 83 may be done for the day.

LAP 11- CAUTION 2– Multi-car tangle in turn four. Bowling is involved, with smoke trailing out the rear-end.

LAP 11- Morris leads at the line after muscling past Lemons.


LAP 5- CAUTION 1– Car stalled in turn three.

LAP 4- Lemons quickly amassing 6 car-length advantage over field. Turn two, lap 5, Morris still can’t clear Finchum.

LAP 1- Lemons leads first circuit after wrangling top spot from Finchum off four. Finchum is now under fire for second from Morris.

4:43 – GREEN FLAG – (Sellers has started race in the no. 7 —Tony Keen original pilot

4:41: Cars beginning to roll around Martinsville Speedway. Green Flag minutes away.

4:11- STARTING LINEUP (MMS Regulars)

1) 19- Chad Finchum

2) 27- Tommy Lemons, Jr.

4) 26- Philip Morris

8) 1- Lee Pulliam

10) 08- Deac McCaskill

21) 47*- Bryan Reedy

22) 83- Matt Bowling

23) 3- Adam Long

36) 87- Hayden Woods

39) 2H- Dennis Holdren

41) 22- Scott Lancaster

42) 06- Davin Scites




CHECKERED- Woods places fourth, Holdren also in. Final transfer spots: Scott Lancaster and Davin Scites—after a white-knuckle, turn three dive on Derrick Lancaster. Lancaster and Sellers finished just outside the top ten. Neither will make the feature.


LAP 19- CAUTION 5 – Those inside transfer spots include:

-Woods (4th)

-Holdren (8th)

-D. Lancaster (9th)

-S. Lancaster (10th)

Those within striking distance include:

-Scites (11th)

-Sellers (13th) – Sellers is now missing his entire front nose piece.

-Barnes (14th)




Sellers, Jarrell involved in last-chance crash

Sellers, Jarrell involved in last-chance crash


LAP 13- CAUTION 3- Major incident in turn two, sparked by an impatient move by Holdren. Running fourth, Holdren made an over-agressive move on Keaton’s no. 10. The contact jolted Keaton’s machine sideways, and the field began to scatter. Sellers was punted sideways, Jarrell was tagged, and in the ensuing melee, most of the mid-pack car sustained some damage.


UNDER CAUTION- Latest accident has thinned the 36-car field. Those inside transfer spots include:

– Holdren (4th)

-Woods (5th)

-Jarrell (8th)

-Sellers (9th)

-Lancaster (10th)

Those within reach of transfer spots include:

-Scites (13th)

– S. Lancaster (14th)

-Barnes (16th)



LAP 11 – CAUTION 2: Carnage has enveloped turn 4. Unclear what triggered accident, but several drivers have been rendered immobile, clogging the track and ushering in another red flag period. Kyle Dudley has sustained substantial front-end damage. Jarrell also involved. Houff goes on the hook.

LAP 9- Holdren is up to fourth and putting the pressure on the 3rd place competitor. Holdren showing strength when it counts.


LAP 7- UNDER CAUTION: Those inside transfer spots include:

-Holdren (5th)

-Woods (9th)


Those within reach of transfer spots include:

-Sellers (12th)

-Jarrell (13th)

-Lancaster (17th)


UNDER CAUTION- Jarrell surrendered 10th just prior to the yellow, losing several spots as the no. 14 was shunned into the outside groove. Sellers capitalized on Jarrell’s misfortune; Sellers has climbed into 12th. The two drivers compete out of the Sellers Racing stable.

LAP 6- CAUTION 1 – Several cars tangle in turn two, with Kyle Barnes incurring significant right front damage in the ensuing collision.

LAP 4- Jarrell has claimed final transfer spot, but is now missing right front fender.

LAP 3- Hornet’s nest from 11th on back- Sellers is mired in the middle of it, racing for 13th.

LAP 1- Sellers plunged three-wide into turn one, and in turn four was still three-wide; he’s a man on a mission.


3:14– One-to-go, we’ll be eying the final transfer spot, and those racing to claim it.

3:11– Chad Ball and Kyle Barnes are now entered in the Last Chance race—hearing Barnes was DQ’d after his heat for undisclosed issues. Cars circling,  parade laps.



7) 14- Trey Jarrell

8) 2 – Dennis Holdren

9) 87- Hayden Woods

15) 99- Peyton Sellers

19) 25- Derrick Lancaster

20) 51- Kyle Dudley

21) 18- Quinn Houff

22) 5- Brandon Dean

23) 22- Scott Lancaster

26) 06- Davin Scites

33) 98- Preston McGhee


2:48– Awaiting lineup for Last-Chance race. Heat Race #4 evolved into a classic Pulliam-Morris duel for first in the closing circuits, with Morris edging Pulliam for the win. The two Late Model kingpins were the only drivers to transfer. Holdren and Dudley failed to make the feature.


Morris rallied from 10th to post the win. If the heat is any indication, the team has improved from their qualifying woes yesterday. The no. 26 is as stout as ever.




2:06- HEAT RACE #4


2) 1- Lee Pulliam

10) 26- Philip Morris

12) 2- Dennis Holdren

17) 51- Kyle Dudley

21) 4- Hunter Deavers



LAP 20- CHECKERED: Adam Long was the lone transfer in Heat Race #3. Sellers mounted a valiant charge through the engine adversity, but finishes 12th. Both Lancasters, along with Jarrell, will hope for the last chance race.

LAP 17- Sellers completes pass on Lancaster for 12th. Time running out.

LAP 16- Those outside looking in: Jarrell (10th) Lancaster (12th) Sellers (13th).

LAP- 14- Long has settled in sixth. No pressure from behind.

LAP 12- Sellers has rebounded to 13th, and is working over Derrick Lancaster.

LAP 8- Bizarre turn of events for Sellers, who is slashing through the field, trailing smoke from the engine. Up front, Long is only MMS contender inside a transfer spot, in 5. He is under fire.


UNDER CAUTION- Sellers is back on-track, sans hood, and is currently on the lead lap.

UNDER CAUTION- Sellers has been on and off pit road, frantically returning to the attention of his crew for a fire on the engine, presumably from an oil leak. Hood is off, and they’re trying desperately to return him to competition. Shocking turn of events for Sellers, who was unchallenged in this heat race.

UNDER CAUTION- Those inside transfer spots include: Sellers, Long / outside transfer spots include: Jarrell, Derrick Lancaster, Scott Lancaster

LAP 6 – CAUTION 2- Multi-car crash on front stretch consumes back-half of the field. Scott Lancaster incurred some slight rear-end damage in the collision.


LAP 4- CAUTION 1: Scott Lancaster involved in a two-car tandem spin in turn three. Lancaster has crinkled up the back-end of his machine, and has driven to pit road to the attention of his crew. Lancaster is one of 3 Motor Mile Speedway Limited Sportsman regulars entered in today’s event.

LAP 1- Sellers clear of frontrunners easily in turn two—quickest first place resolution of all heat races thus far.


1:27- HEAT  RACE #3


1) 99- Sellers

4) 3- Adam Long

16) 14- Trey Jarrell

18) 25- Derrick Lancaster

21) 22- Scott Lancaster


LAP 20- CHECKERED: Lemons, McCaskill, Bowling and Barnes finish inside of transfer spots / Dean, Scites, Ball fail to make field. NOTE: There will be a last-chance race. Shocking result for both Dean and Scites, but the silver lining for both drivers is both cars are pristine following the 20-lap heat.

LAP 17- Barnes scrapping with Ryan Wilson for final transfer spot. Wilson has given Barnes the bumper a couple times in turn one. Barnes is holding his own.

LAP 15- Lemons has first, McCaskill hung on the outside, slipping into the clutches of Timothy Peters.



LAP 11- McCaskill fighting hard on outside of Lemons for first


UNDER CAUTION- Those inside transfer spots include:





Those outside top 8 include:




LAP 9- CAUTION 2- Chad Ball enveloped in a maylay in turn two that involved multiple backrunners. Slow developing collision, and Ball had nowhere to go. Ball’s no. 30 has minimal damage, and should benefit from the yellow.


UNDER CAUTION- Anderson Bowen has been transported to local hospital. McGuire has been examined and released from the infield care center after the horrific Heat Race 1 crash.


LAP 5- Dean and Scites in a dogfight for 11th place. This gaggle of traffic rapidly fading from the front 8.

LAP 2- McCaskill / Lemons still side-by-side for lead, and off turn two, Lemons prevails on the outside.


1:02: Still awaiting word on McGuire’s condition. Track remains mum on Bowen’s injuries as well. Cars rolling for Heat Race #2.

12:59: HEAT RACE #2

1) 08- Deac McCaskill

2) 27- Tommy Lemons, Jr.

5) 83- Matt Bowling

8) 15- Kyle Barnes

12) 5- Brandon Dean

13) 06- Davin Scites

21) 30- Chad Ball


POST-CHECKERED: Reedy’s no. 17 appeared very sporty in the heat race. Even-tempered and cautious, Reedy was pinned to the outside lane for significant portions of the contest, including a pivotal late-race restart. It was a superb showing for Reedy.

CHECKERED- Finchum and Reedy make it into the main / Woods and Houff, still on track, fail to make the show. Reedy has incurred mild cosmetic damage to the front end of his no. 17 machine. The damage is unfortunately a common sight among all competitors following race no 1.


UNDER CAUTION- Cars are rolling following red flag. Early indications are that McGuire and Bowen are inside the infield care center. Most of the concern centers around Anderson Bowen. Questions surrounding whether or not Bowen will need transport to area hospital.



Anderson Bowen's No. 29 sustained the worst of the damage, pinned underneath of McGuire's No. 7.

Anderson Bowen’s No. 29 sustained the worst of the damage, pinned underneath McGuire’s No. 7.

McGuire's mangled No. 7 was involved in a spectacular collision in turn three

McGuire’s mangled No. 7 was involved in a spectacular collision in turn three


UNDER CAUTION- Sources indicate McGuire’s car rolled on top of a competitor’s front end, propelling the No. 7 into the catch fence for a fleeting moment. No. 7 is limping back to the garage on the hook of a Martinsville Speedway wrecker. Waiting word on McGuire’s condition.

UNDER CAUTION- Safety personnel on the scene attending to McGuire’s No. 7. Garrett Campbell also involved in hard crash. McGuire was securing a transfer spot at the time of caution.

LAP 18- CAUTION- McGuire involved in a viscous wreck in turn three. McGuire careened up the banking, nearly flipping the No. 7 as it darted into traffic. Appeared as if a three-wide situation went terribly wrong. Race has been red flagged.


UNDER CAUTION- Yellow unfurls for the no. 88 of Garrett Jones, who is underpowered.



UNDER CAUTION- Field converges after single-car spin in turn four. Those inside top 8 include:




Those outside top 8 include:





LAP 11- Bryan Reedy is currently controlling final transfer spot comfortably over remainder of the field. Gap is 9 car lengths.

LAP 5 – Finchum surrenders lead out of turn two.

LAP 4 – Hayden Woods smacks outside retaining wall on backstretch.

LAP 3- Debris on back stretch from contact amongst backrunners.

LAP 2- Finchum clears pack for the lead.


UNDER CAUTION- Berry has gone behind the wall with undisclosed underbody issues. the crew is going under the hood. This will almost certainly take Berry out of contention for a spot in the main feature. Extremely unfortunate for Berry’s Speedco team.

UNDER CAUTION- Berry’s No. 88 is getting assistance from a Martinsville Speedway wrecker in turns one and two, and is coasting down pit road. It doesn’t appear he is under power.

LAP 2 – CAUTION 1: Campbell’s no. 12 slid up the turn two banking, avoiding the majority of the field. Campbell escapes the accident scene unscathed.

LAP 1- Nearly 3 wide out of turn two as Berry wisely backed off of Finchum’s lead machine.



12:07 PM:  The 24-car Motor Mile Speedway contingent is the highest representation from MMS since the Live! Coverage feature was implemented on motormilespeedway.com


12:03 PM: The top 8 drivers from each heat race transfer to main feature. Drivers are maneuvering into position to begin race No. 1. Most all drivers are concerned about tight-driving race cars, citing atypical weather conditions and a substantially reduced practice session as chief reasons for their ill-handling cars.


12:00 PM- HEAT RACE #1:


1) 19-Chad Finchum

3) 88B- Josh Berry

12) 87- Hayden Woods

14) 7M Michael McGuire

17) 17- Bryan Reedy

20) Preston McGhee

22) 18H Quin Houff


11:35 AM – Officially, 24 Motor Mile Speedway regulars are entered in the 2013 Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 at Martinsville Speedway.




Peyton Sellers: “It’s encouraging to see as many Motor Mile [Speedway] cars as there is up front. Deac on the front row, us on the second row. Lee [Pulliam] and Josh [Berry] are up there. It’s good for the track in general; good effort from Motor Mile [drivers] all around.”


“It’s a solid car. I don’t think we have the fastest car here today, but I feel like we have a good-driving race car. If we can keep it that way throughout the race—good and neutral—-and being able to capitalize on certain situations, that’s what its all about.”


“I don’t know if you’re ever a favorite as long as your racing against guys like Pulliam and Morris. At places like Martinsville, you’re never a favorite. But at the end of the day, I do feel like this is a good year for us to capitalize on a solid qualifying effort.”


Adam Long: “Running at Motor Mile [Speedway], you have to run good there to run good here. All the cars that do, they’re up front here. And we’ve done that this year. We’ve had some top five finishes, and we’ve won a couple of races at Kingsport [Speedway]. We’re carrying a lot of momentum.”


Josh Berry: “Honestly, we struggled pretty bad at the test, and we were struggling in practice yesterday—we only got 30 minutes. We ended up getting it alright toward the end, and we qualified ninth. I felt really good about that. Really, our goal is to just finish the race.”


Kyle Barnes: “We came down here on a limited budget compared to a lot of the teams that we’re around down here. We’ve ran some Late Model races at Motor Mile [Speedway], and did decent. Martinsville is a track where the driver makes a lot of difference, and the crew just gave me a phenomenal setup. On test day we were strong; we felt like we were gonna be competitive. But if you were to ask me if we’d qualify 30th out of 90-some cars, I would have said ‘no.'”


Lee Pulliam: (On Qualifying): “Biggest shock in Martinsville history, in my opinion. A lot of us guys that had a lot of speed didn’t have any speed yesterday. We were trying a little something different that I thought was better, and the car was good through the corner, but I’m not sure now. But we’ll see what we’ve got here when we get in the heat race.”


(On the Heat Race): “It was a really big concern last year when we did it for the first time. Everything worked out good last year, and hopefully it will be the same– everybody using their heads. Biggest thing is we’ve got a lot of new faces up at the front of the field. Hopefully they’re smart about it. You can win a 200-lapper if you end up on the hook in a heat race.”


(On potential history-making win): “I think we’ve got a good shot at it. We’ve got to make the right calls right here (in the heat race). I’m just really on the fence about a couple of things. But it is what it is now. Last year, the race was won by the guy who qualified eighth. And we qualified eighth today.”


Deac McCaskill: “We’ve got this heat race to get through, and I’m really hoping to win it and start on the front row. I think this is my best year yet here, especially based on where we qualified. We’re bringing momentum from [Southern National Motorsports Park] and Motor Mile [Speedway]. And we had a really good test up here a couple weeks ago. I’m really excited.”


Tommy Lemons, Jr.: “We qualified sixth, and it was a pretty good lap. Hopefully we’ll have a pretty good shot in the heat race; looking to finish top three or four. As long as we make it into the main, it doesn’t really matter.”


Davin Scites: “It’s been a “different” Martinsville, that’s for sure. One practice—everybody had to be quick on their adjustments. I know the car is good; I don’t know if we’ve over-adjusted. We’ve got the heat race to try to learn on it. This ain’t my first time having to run a heat race. It’s different, but it will be fun.”


(On potential challenges running making first Late Model start of 2013 at M’Ville): “Not really. It’s like riding a bike. You get back in it, and it’s all good. The challenges are with the car, though. I think the car needed more T.L.C. than I did.”




Chad Finchum shocked the Late Model contingent by qualifying on the pole

Chad Finchum shocked the Late Model contingent by qualifying on the pole



Tommy Lemons, Jr. sporting a pink Lemons Motorsports' No. 27

Tommy Lemons, Jr. sporting a pink Lemons Motorsports’ No. 27


New look for the newly minted 2013 national champ, Lee Pulliam

New look for the newly minted 2013 national champ, Lee Pulliam


Deac McCaskill oversees final pre-race adjustments

Deac McCaskill oversees final pre-race adjustments


Davin Scites with head MMS official Ron Orr

Davin Scites with head MMS official Ron Orr


2012 LS track champ Preston McGhee making his Martinsville debut in the No. 98

2012 LS track champ Preston McGhee making his Martinsville debut in the No. 98