Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 – LIVE! Updates from Martinsville Speedway

A total of 20 Motor Mile Speedway regulars are entered in the event



PPOSTMorris contemplates an unprecedented 3rd win at Martinsville

Philip Morris:

“Before I set out for this race, I picked six cars that I knew I was going to race against -that if I believed I was going to win- I had six cars in mind that I knew I was going to have to beat if I was going to do it. Obviously, Lee was one of the toughest. My mindset was just to hang it out, and not worry about Lee.”

Pulliam addresses the media post-race at Martinsville


“I’m never surprised about anything Philip Morris does. He’s one of the best race car drivers that’s ever been around. He’s a wheelman…I’ve had a lot of tough defeats against him, and I’ve had some of my favorite wins against him.”


“I just came up short. It’s pretty disappointing, because I thought I had a better car than him at the end. I just couldn’t get going on the restarts, and that proved to be the difference.”


“We can’t hang our head. It’s been a stellar season. You can’t ask for much more—you’d be greedy if you did…but I guess race car drivers are greedy.”




1.) Philip Morris

2.) Lee Pulliam

8.) Kris Bowen

10.) Adam Long

12.) Frank Deiny, Jr

22.) Chad Harris

23.) Davin Scites

26.) Michael McGuire

28.) Mike Looney

29.) Bryan Reedy

33.) Josh Berry

40.) Jesse Little




4:24 – Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300


LAP 150- CHECKERED FLAG – Morris bests Pulliam at the line. Fairly anti-climatic, as Pulliam couldn’t keep pace. The top two finishing positions at Martinsville belong to Motor Mile Speedway track champions

LAP 148- Morris appears to have it, Pulliam fading from the No. 26

LAP 145- Daring 3 WIDE maneuver by Long helps him advance position, with Bowen to his inside in turn one

LAP 144- Morris prevails out of two, Pulliam remains in striking distance in second

LAP 144- RESTART – Epic restart with the heavyweights of Late Model Stock Car racing at the forefront of the field: Morris in 1st, Pulliam to his outside in 2nd. Bowen is scored 9th, with left-front damage still clinging onto his machine


LAP 138- Morris with the edge over Pulliam on the restart, leaving Pulliam in the clutches of Bowling

LAP 138 – RESTART – Not as attrition-laden as races past: 23 cars remain on-track- Bowen has not pitted

LAP 134- -CAUTION #10- DEBRIS – Bowen has severe cosmetic damage to the left-front quarter panel of the No. 80. Most certainly will require a pit stop, whether voluntarily or forced by officials, as the bodywork is flapping like a flag in the breeze

LAP 131- Morris beginning to show his strength— out to a six car length lead over Pulliam in 2nd

LAP 128 – Adam Long continues to make gains, up to sixth in an impressive showing

LAP 126 – RESTART – Morris gets shot out of a cannon, got the jump on Bowling, rockets out of turn two on the high side WITH the lead by a car length

LAP 121 -CAUTION #9- Multi-car collision at the exit of turn four –  McGuire, who at this point in the contest is without any bodywork on the front end of the No. 7, is involved, but manages to limp away

LAP 119- RESTART- Bowling got the jump, and Morris takes advantage of the opportunity to overtake Pulliam for 2nd


3.) Pulliam

5.) Morris

8.) Long

11.) Bowen

16.) Deiny

21.) Harris


LAP 114 -CAUTION #8- Hopes at a win expired with Mike Looney’s engine entering turn three. Motor on the No. 47 grenades, unfurling a RED FLAG to clean up the fluid. Looney was running fifth

Engine expires on Looney entering turn three

LAP 108- Pulliam on the march- classic bump-and-run to Mackey out of turn two – completes the pass in turn two on the succeeding circuit

LAP 103- Looney has broken into the top five, tracing the tire tracks of Morris in 4th

LAP 95 – RESTART – Pulliam giving chase to Bowling and Mackey, running 2nd and 3rd, respectively


LAP 89 -CAUTION #7- Two-car spin in turn two

NOTE: Two regulars hoping to make history today: If Pulliam were to win, he would become the first back-to-back winner since the inception of this event. If Morris were to claim the checkers, he would become the first three time winner of the race.



LAP 88- Pulliam has filled up the rear-view mirror of Ben Rhodes’ No. 41 for third. Only a matter of laps before Pulliam overtakes the spot—Morris is in-tow – Long knocking on the door of a top 10 run, currently riding 11th

LAP 83- 4 MMS regulars in the TOP 10 – (respective) Pulliam (4th) Morris (5th) Looney (7th) Bowen (8th)

LAP 75- RESTART- Bizarre collision on restart collects Berry and Reedy, but both manage to re-fire and continue





3.) Pulliam

5.) Morris

7.) Looney

9.) Bowen

14.) Long

21.) Deiny

23.) Harris

24.) Reedy

29.) Berry

33.) McGuire

39.) Little

40.) Scites


5:17- HALFWAY BREAK – Inverting TOP 6 – (Lineup to follow)



Berry( No.88) drives away after contact with McGuire (No.7)


LAP 74 -CAUTION #6- Bassett spins directly in front of McGuire and Berry. McGuire’s right-front locks against Berry’s left-rear, subsequently turning Berry’s No. 88. In an unfortunate racing incident, Berry and McGuire become inseparable, sliding into the inside retaining wall on the backstretch

LAP 71- Berry has backslid to 13 and continues to plummet – THEN …

LAP 67 -RESTART- Morris sprints away from the field on the restart, with Mackey in-tow


Little (No. 97) couldn’t avoid the maylay ahead of him


LAP 58 -CAUTION #5- Another domino-style demolition in turn two. Cars stack up after one driver gets jacked up— Jesse Little is involved. Rodney Cook took the brunt of the collision, and expressed his displeasure over the incident with a helmet toss in the aftermath

LAP 55- McGuire fading as we enter our first real green-flag run of the day. He’s back to 18th—possible problem? McGuire is making his second start at Martinsville in LMSC competition

LAP 44 – RESTART- Contact between McGuire and Looney in turn one, obviously unintentional as Looney allows McGuire to gather it back up. Berry, Bowen, McGuire and Looney all nose-tail, single-file– the MMS contingent is moving forward


1.) Morris

4.) Pulliam

9.) Berry

10.) McGuire

11.) Looney

12.) Bowen

26.) Long

28.) Deiny

33.) Reedy

34.) Harris

–Scites is back on-track, and is the lucky dog —

LAP 39 -CAUTION #4- One-car spin in turn four

LAP 34 RESTART – McCall off the pace on the restart, almost FOUR WIDE in turn one with Looney and Berry, among others, at the epicenter of the scramble. All come away (miraculously) without incident


LAP 29 -CAUTION #3 – Three-car dustup in turn one involves Chad Harris. Harris is unscathed in the incident, although the car is obviously under-performing following the impact incurred during his heat race. Harris is limping through this feature, still in contention for a decent run

RESTART- Morris overtakes Pulliam for 2nd – Pulliam shunned to the high-side


LAP 19 – CAUTION #2 – Two-car crash in turn two

LAP 17- Morris has the crosshairs on Pulliam for 2nd. Morris’ No. 26 is superior to Pulliam’s No. 1 in the center of the corner-off

LAP 13 – 5 MMS Regulars in TOP TEN

RESTART- Looney 3-WIDE into turn three for 8th, gains a spot – Pulliam surrenders top spot to McCall – Morris on the prowl in third


LAP 2 -CAUTION #1 – Disappointment descends on Scites– an alleged tap from McGuire in the apex of turns one and two snaps the No. 06 sideways – Scites chases the save through turn two, ultimately losing control of the racecar, tagging C.E. Falk in a two-car spin up the banking. Scites’ front clip is sheered away in the melee. No. 06 retires to the garage



GREEN FLAG- Pulliam leads lap one over McCall

Working pace laps in the marquee

4:17- Engines have fired!

4:06 – Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300


1.) Lee Pulliam

4.) Philip Morris

7.) Davin Scites

9.) Josh Berry

12.) Mike Looney

14.) Michael McGuire

17.) Kris Bowen

29.) Adam Long

35.) Jesse Little

40.) Frank Deiny, Jr

41.) Bryan Reedy

42.) Chad Harris

 2:45 – LAST-CHANCE RACE (TOP TEN (10) cars will advance to main feature)

CHECKERED: At the line, MMS regulars occupy a respectable portion of the top ten. Those making it to the main event by virtue of their finishing position in the last-chance race include:

Little – Deiny – Reedy – Harris

Remarkable rebound for Deiny and Harris. Deiny has overcome brake issues to make it in, and Harris, after crashing out of his heat, will see the green flag unfurl in the marquee race of the day


Jamie Byrd just misses the cut, finishing the last-chance race in 11th

GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED RESTART- Ronnie Bassett will lead them to the line


2.) Little

6.) Dieny

8.) Reedy

13.) Harris

14.) Byrd

18.) Lancaster


Skewes incurs a vicious impact with the outside wall in turn one

LAP 48 – CAUTION # 3 – Skewes enters turn one hot, colliding with Lancaster. The tandem spin envelopes several other competitors and the aftermath warrants the first RED FLAG of the day at Martinsville

RESTART- Little has climbed into contention, up to 4th on restart

Devers (No. 48) among the first casualties of the last-chance feature


LAP 31 -CAUTION #2- Domino collision on the outside line spawns a four-car collision in turn one on restart. Contact between Thomas and Devers sparks crash—Devers relegated to garage with severe cosmetic damage- entire back windshield has become detached from the body of the No. 48

LAP 30 -CAUTION #1- No. 9 of Kurth dumped in turn four. RESTART ORDER (APPROX.)

6.) Skewes

7.) Little

11.) Lancaster

12.) Devers

13.) Thomas

14.) Deiny

15.) Reedy

19.) Harris

20.) Byrd

LAP 29- Jesse Little gave Skewes a shot in the shorts in the apex of turn one and two; the No. 9 of Brad Kurth has collected a frieght train of faster cars in his rear-view mirror, with Skewes attempting to work to his inside, first in line behind him

LAP 22- Several small engagements dotted across the track – field very spaced out – Sellers out front by healthy margin – Skewes, still the MMS frontrunner, has dropped to seventh

LAP 15- Field beginning to ease into single formation racing. Current RUNDOWN:

6.) Skewes

9.) Little

11.) Lancaster

13.) Devers

14.) Thomas

17.) Reedy

18.) Deiny

22.) Byrd

25.) Harris

25.) Dudley

LAP 5 – Gaggle of cars in the middle of the pack include four MMS regulars: Lancaster, Thomas, Devers and more embroiled in a white-knuckle battle for position

GREEN FLAG – Skewes is the front-running regular at the start; falling to fourth behind Sellers

2:48- Chad Harris’ No. 39 has been repaired and is rolling at the rear of the field; Harris will start the last-chance feature. Back-up car?

Grid beginning to form for the last-chance race


2:36 – LAST-CHANCE RACE moments away from going green. TOP TEN (10) cars will advance



3.) Rusty Skewes

11.) Jesse Little

12.) Andrew Thomas

14.) Derrick Lancaster

16.) Hunter Devers

24.) Jamie Byrd

27.) Kyle Dudley

28.) Bryan Reedy

34.) Frank Deiny, Jr


CHECKERED FLAG: Campbell gave Morris a strong run for first, Looney places a comfortable third. All others outside transfer spot

LAP 19- THOSE INSIDE TRANSFER POSITIONS: Morris, Looney / NOT: Byrd, Thomas, Devers, Reedy

LAP 16- After a lengthy side-by-side bout for the top spot, Morris prevails on the outside over Campbell

LAP 11 – THREE-WIDE again in turn three, Devers AGAIN in the middle. Bryan Reedy plunges to the inside in the corner, curbs it and spins in front of the pack, somehow avoiding contact

RESTART LAP 10- THREE-WIDE in turn three, Devers in the middle, Looney on the outside, they make it work

LAP 9 -CAUTION #2- Bryan Reedy and Andrew Thomas tangle in turn one, Thomas drives away with minor damage to the rear end of the No. 96.

LAP 7- Garrett Campbell pulling away from Morris’ No. 26 – Devers in a comfortable fifth – Looney shadowing him in sixth

RESTART LAP 4 – Devers fighting tooth-and-nail with Rodney Cook for fourth

1:43  HEAT RACE #4: (TOP EIGHT (8) in each heat race advance)

LAP 3- CAUTION 1– One-car spin in the apex of turns one and two

GREEN FLAG – Morris slides in second out of two, sixth on back double-file


2.) Philip Morris

4.) Hunter Devers

7.) Mike Looney

12.) Bryan Reedy

13.) Andrew Thomas

15.) Jamie Byrd

20.) Kelly Kingery


1:20  HEAT RACE #3: (TOP EIGHT (8) in each heat race advance)

CHECKERED FLAG – Scites places a solid second. Rusty Skewes just outside the money in 9th. FINISHING ORDER:

2.) Scites

9.) Skewes

11.) Little

14.) Lemons

15.) Dudley

LAP 19- Lemons has issues- has plummeted to 13th

LAP 16- Scites opted for high-side on restart and despite the disadvantaged position, overtakes Rhodes for second. Scites has a stout piece


2.) Scites

8.) Lemons

10.) Little

11.) Skewes

16.) Dudley

LAP 15 -CAUTION #2- Setzer goes up-in-smoke in turn three after being passed by Scites. Apparent motor issues for the past Martinsville winner

LAP 15- Scites eclipses Setzer for second in turn two

LAP 14 – Lemons up to 9th and within range to challenge for the 8th-plce transfer spot…he’s under fire for his position, however, from the No. 02 of Austin Thaxton


3.) Scites

10.) Lemons

12.) Little

13.) Skewes

18.) Dudley

LAP 6- Scites surpasses Rumley for fourth, Scites slides into third and is applying pressure to Dennis Setzer

RESTART LAP 2 – Scites pinned on high lane, battling with Rumley for the fourth spot in two

LAP 2 -CAUTION #1 – 5-car pile up in turn one collects Kyle Dudley. Dudley pulls away from the accident scene unscathed

GREEN FLAG – Top five single-file, Scites scored 4th

3.) Davin Scites

9.) Tommy Lemons, Jr.

12.) Jesse Little

15.) Rusty Skewes

20.) Kyle Dudley


12:48 HEAT RACE #2: (TOP EIGHT (8) in each heat race advance)

CHECKERED FLAG – McGuire makes it in the show cleanly, placing fifth. Lancaster officially places 12th, outside the transfer spot

LAP 21 – RESTART – McGuire 5th, Lancaster 14th

LAP 21 – UNDER YELLOW – Deiny’s problem has been identified as a brake-line issue. Deiny has made repeated stops to pit road during these cautions, but the problem has not been resolved. His bid for a second Grandfather Clock has been realistically eliminated.

LAP 21 – CAUTION #3 – Spectacular two-car crash between Alex Yontz and Brandon Brown. Third consecutive yellow unfurled. Positions remain unchanged.

LAP 21 -CAUTION #2 – Two-car collision in turn two. AT RESTART: McGuire will start 5th, Lancaster 16th

LAP 19- McGuire threads the needle as cars bottle up in turn three, spectacular piece of driving by McGuire, up to fifth

RESTART: McGuire will start 7th, Lancaster 14th

LAP 17 – Deiny in the pits with the hood off, unfortunately, its more than a tire issue for the 2004 track champ

LAP 17 – CAUTION # 1 – One-car spin off turn four. Deiny appears bound for pit road as cars circle under yellow.

LAP 17- Deiny roughed up for the sixth position by C.E. Falk off turn two, Deiny may have underbody issues? Possible flat?

LAP 16 – Derrick Lancaster in jeopardy of failing to make the big show, saddled in 16th place as the laps begin to dwindle

LAP 12 – Once again, field is single-file and calm

LAP 6- Deiny settles in line in the sixth position, top six break-away

LAP 3 – McGuire and Deiny side-by-side for fifth, Deiny plummets to sixth

GREEN FLAG – Deiny alone on the high side fighting for fifth

4.) Frank Deiny, Jr.

7.) Michael McGuire

17.) Derrick Lancaster

12:00 HEAT RACE #1: (TOP EIGHT (8) in each heat race advance)

CHECKERED FLAG – WOW! Photo-finish goes to Pulliam as Mackey clung to the high groove off turn four. RESULTS:

1.) Pulliam

3.) Berry

5.) Kris Bowen

8.) Adam Long

RESTART LAP 24 – Pulliam, Mackey two-abreast in two

Harris (no. 39) has been collected in a late-race dustup in turn two

RESTART LAP 22 – CAUTION #2 – Stack-up on the restart precipitates a three car collision on the outside lane in turn two involving Chad Harris. Harris’ machine is immobile—hopes of making the marquee feature thwarted

LAP 22 – CAUTION #1 – Battle for the transfer spot climaxes with a two-car tangle off turn two between Peyton Sellers and Tony Keen


1.) Pulliam

4.) Josh Berry

6.) Kris Bowen

7.) Adam Long

12.) Chad Harris – This caution is a blessing for Harris, however it appears that the No. 39 is underpowered and ill-handling. Harris was making no significant gains on the field prior to the yellow

LAP 20 – Pulliam putting on a clinic, enjoys a growing seven car-length lead over Mackey

LAP 15 – Pulliam, Berry, Bowen, Long inside of transfer spots — Chad Harris currently sits 14th a substantial distance behind the coveted eighth position

LAP 10 – Drivers practicing patience, throwing tradition to the wind early at Martinsville. Entire field single-file

LAP 7 – Top ten single-file, Pulliam growing advantage to 2 1/2 car-lengths over Deac McCaskill

LAP 3 – Josh Berry battling for 3rd with B.J. Mackey / transfer spot belongs to Adam Long for the moment

Pulliam leads lap one- clean start for 20-car field

12:23- Green flag about to fall in RACE 1

MMS Regulars:

1.) Lee Pulliam

3.) Josh Berry

5.) Kris Bowen

6.) Adam Long

8.) Chad Harris

11:30- Pre-Race Chatter:

Philip Morris:
“I got a game plan. I think it looks good for this Sellers Racing entry. Our car is good—has a lot of grip. I have real opportunity to win this race…maybe better than ever before.”

Lee Pulliam:

“I’m real excited about it. We’ve got a good race car. Everybody wants to leave here with the Clock. We’ll give it the best we’ve got, and I think we have a good shot at it. I think [Back-to-back] can be done; it will be extremely tough, but I think we can do it.”

Josh Berry:

“We’re here to have fun. We’re not too worried about it. We don’t really have high expectations coming in. If we’re in a position to win at the end, we’re gonna come back on a hook or with the clock. We’re going for it.”

Mike Looney:

“Personally, I don’t really like the new format. I like the tradition of this race. But you know you’re going to run 75 laps at least. At least everybody gets a chance to race.”

Tommy Lemons, Jr:

“I think we’ll be pretty good. Right now, I got to get by eight other cars in this heat race…right now, we just gotta make it in. Gotta make sure we keep it clean.”

Michael McGuire:

“Our expectations are just to get in the race. It’s our first Late Model race of the year, and it’s good to be back. I think we’ve got a shot.”

Frank Deiny, Jr:

“We’re here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to bring home another grandfather clock.”

Davin Scites:

“We’ve always been close in this race, and there’s always so much luck involved. If we can just be there at the end…I just want a shot at it.”

Frank Deiny, Jr. sporting the bright colors of Breast Cancer Awareness



Scites’ first race of the year is the biggest race of the year



Tommy Lemons, Jr. readies for Martinsville



Michael McGuire will be piloting the No. 7



MMS Track Champ Josh Berry signing autographs on the grid



Bryan Reedy’s first LMSC race will be on the sport’s biggest stage